2012 Holden (Chevrolet) Spark test drive

The Holden (Chevy) Spark is by far the least powerful and by far the slowest accelerating car tested all year, but in a strange way that makes it one of the more enjoyable drives for some time.

Spark Specification

This road tester has always maintained that to judge a car properly you must start with the most basic model as it reveals more about the actual car rather than how many gadgets, big tyres and big engines you can cram into the platform.

That doesn’t necessarily apply to the Spark, as it’s only available in one flavour in New Zealand, a 1.2 litre four cylinder five-speed manual, but hopefully readers see the point. You can’t add anything to this car to address any shortcomings and these days when owners can specify almost anything for a car it’s refreshing to just be able to buy ‘a car’.


Spark new Global Car From GM

But first an introduction. The Spark is a car designed and built in Korea by General Motors’ Korean arm, and is intended to be a car sold in many markets around the world. Unlike many previous cars styled in Korea this one looks pretty good, with an aggressive front and hidden rear door handles so it looks like a three door hatch rather than the five door it really is.

Spark Interior

Like many previous cars built in Korea, the interior is all hard, unyielding plastic, even if the design of the dashboard is rather futuristic, and it shows that the accountants have been busy doing their work cutting any excess production costs out of the equation. The instrument panel is fascinating though, with a motorcycle inspired rev counter and speedometer attached to the steering column.

Spark Performance

At first the Spark feels underpowered – actually, it always feels underpowered. With only 59kW pushing 967kg of car along the road the five speed gearbox needs to exercised constantly to keep the little engine working away. The experience may seem familiar to many people who grew up with small Italian cars because the performance is almost exactly like that of the old Fiat Uno. The Uno was never a quick car (except for the turbo of course) but that did not stop it from being a very fun car to drive.

Every experience in the diminutive Fiat, from pulling away from a stop, to managing momentum through corners was a full on struggle to exact the best performance out of the available power and road holding. It was a real drivers car, and in a way so is the Spark.

Two weeks before the Spark test drive, this road tester was behind the wheel of the Audi RS5, a 450 horsepower powerhouse of a car that will accelerate from rest to 60mph in just under five seconds, but in a way that car was too good for the driver who wanted to know how to use Chinese driver license to drive in Australia. There wasn’t much driver input required, as the grip, traction and power were so overwhelming that the car simply drive faster and faster.

In the Spark, the driver is always driving as hard as possible, even if no one else notices. At traffic lights, when all the other cars pull leisurely away, the driver of the spark is running the engine up to the redline in every gear, merely to keep up.

At the end of the day it’s strangely a more satisfying drive than the Audi, because it’s the driver who has taken on most of the work of actual driving. Many people won’t appreciate that, especially ones who would like an automatic gearbox, quality interior or actual space in the tiny boot, but for once it’s refreshing to be behind the wheel of the little car that could.

Technical Translations

Technical Translations

Technical translations usually involve some type of specialty that the average person would have trouble understanding. This means that a professional is necessary to step in and provide writing services that will result in accurately written documents which are comprehensible to most people. Many transcription companies can provide trained professionals who are able to fulfill this need.

The person handling the technical translations must be very familiar with the subject matter in order to provide an accurate written summary. This means that people in the fields of medicine, law, business, education, and engineering are highly sought after individuals because they have expertise in these areas. Transcription services are often used in these above mentioned fields, which means professionals with prior subject matter knowledge are needed.

Finding Technical Translations Providers

If you are in a line of business that requires meetings and conferences to be transcribed accurately, than you are probably wondering how to find such services. Well, you can always look on the Worldwide Web for transcription companies that handle technical translations. The Internet can provide you with a host of sites that specialize in transcription services for all of your communication needs.

You may also want to ask around for a recommendation or two. Transcription companies are numerous, and it can be difficult to figure out which ones will work best for your particular situation. A personal recommendation is always a good bet, as someone who has used a specific company can tell you more about how they conduct themselves professionally.

A Guide to a Sound Bargain in Leasing an Automobile

There isn’t any drought of individuals who go through thorough preparation prior to setting out on some kind of touring. The core objective behind the preparation is basically to have the whole thing structured at the start. Data connected to their travel, hotel accommodation, local sightseeing, and neighborhood conveyance is gathered from the internet or via travel agents. Amongst the many preparations to be completed for a vacation, whether business or leisure, sourcing a reliable automobile rental is a significant matter.

Upon reaching the destination, travelers are advised to look for information related to the many car charter companies in the neighborhood. Community newsletters and phone directories are excellent pools of data for this intent. After compiling a record of various car charter businesses, they should compare the services as well as quotes being offered ahead of making a conclusion. In USA, one can unearth many prevalent automobile rental businesses, a number of of them offering their assistance, nationwide. Hertz is one such business, and they give their customers various choices that can be had from as low as 179-190$ a week.

With a number of car leasing companies, you could pre-pay and save 10-12% on weekday as well as weekend rentals. A good number of such businesses present an extensive variety of services which includes flexible fuel as well as insurance preferences and twenty four hour emergency roadside help.

There are exclusive rates for businesses planning conventions and for people needing 10 vehicles or more at any given time. Hired cars are also obtainable by American nationals planning foreign visits. Customers with a legal driver permit along with a credit-card under their name will find it simpler to rent an automobile.

The age prerequisite for a person to lease a an automobile from such businesses is generally around twenty-five years. Younger individuals can also rent vehicles but may be mandated to shell out additional charges or get someone to co-sign for the car.

Foreclosure Bus Tours: New Business Idea Boosts Real Estate Sales

Foreclosure Bus Tours: New Business Idea Boosts Real Estate Sales

Amidst a sluggish real estate market, one business idea has become profitable for many. Real estate companies, mortgage brokers and investment firms have found a way to capitalize upon the increase in home foreclosures by offering foreclosure tours. Foreclosure bus tours allow potential investors and home buyers to preview various foreclosure properties in just one day.

How Foreclosure Tours Work

Foreclosure tours are somewhat like going on a real estate field trip. A group of 15 or so potential home buyers load on a bus to travel around the community to view selected properties from a foreclosure list. Some realtors or mortgage companies will offer the tours free to their clients/potential clients, while others may charge a fee of $20-$50 per person for the tour. Tours typically include consumer education, showings of around a dozen homes and a snack or box lunch. After the tours, participants are given the opportunity to meet privately with a mortgage representative, realtor and possibly even a home improvement/general contractor.

Profile of a Foreclosure Tour Business

Partners Roger Robles, Tim Delapaz and Garret Wadford recently joined together to form Jax Foreclosure Bus, a foreclosure tour business that serves the Greater Jacksonville (Florida) area. Our friend recently met with Robles to discuss the success of Jax Foreclosure Bus.

Robles, Delapaz and Wadford all have backgrounds in real estate sales and investments. When sales became slow, the partners sought to find a new way to attract new business. Foreclosure bus tours was their answer. Jax Foreclosure Bus conducts tours once every two weeks. Each tour provides education concerning mortgages, home renovation, purchase agreements and much more. About 20 people participate in each tour. Jax Foreclosure Bus tours are offered free to registered participants, and a complimentary lunch is provided. Tours last about six hours.

According to Robles, the bus tours have helped considerably in the expansion and success of their real estate investment firm. In addition to an increase in home sales, the partners have been able to help several families avoid foreclosure. In the future, the partners hope to franchise their tour bus business and develop real estate consumer education programs.

Summary of the Foreclosure Bus Tour Business


Foreclosure bus tours have been launched in almost every size community. They are especially popular in distressed areas such as Florida, Nevada, Michigan and California. With an increase in foreclosures, these businesses will probably continue and even grow in the near future.

Worth the Hype? The New Jaguar XK: An insider’s look at the new Jaguar XK

Worth the Hype? The New Jaguar XK: An insider’s look at the new Jaguar XK

When I was invited with other car journalists for a Jaguar XK Trip Around Cabo , I realized then I couldn’t get enough of this super luxury sports car.

I mean, how can a car enthusiast not love the rounded haunches enveloping the back wheels, the vintage-looking grille and the optical illusion of the coupe’s back window? Yes, the Jaguar XK all fits together into one of the best-designed sports cars ever.

Driving the Jaguar XK around Mexico at speeds of more than 100mph was a thrill, but how did the Jag stack up for everyday street and freeway driving? Well, in our neighborhood just north of glitzy Newport Beach, the XK definitely made heads turn.

But feeling like a fat cat was nothing compared to driving this nimble beast. When I had a chat right on the beach a few months before with Jaguar’s head designer Ian Callum, he said the Jag’s engine noise was specifically engineered to make a signature deep-throated growl. And this pussy doesn’t disappoint. The Jaguar XK’s engine roars to attention when pushing the red keyless start button.

And it’s no wonder the 300 hp, 4.2-liter DOHC, 32-valve, V8, six-speed automatic engine has excellent acceleration, superior suspension and tight handling. Jaguar engineers worked for years to get this newfangled model’s all-aluminum body, super charged engine and aerodynamic exterior to work perfectly together. And it shows.

And at a price tag starting at almost $75,000, here’s hoping buyers of the all-new model are purchasing a future collector’s item. The model we tested, a liquid silver beauty with an ivory and slate interior, rounded out at $86,125 with the advanced technology package and “coupe lux aluminum pak,” which includes aluminum veneer trim, 20-inch wheels, soft-grain leather interior, leather instrument panel and 15-way adjustable seats.

But the most pressing reason for trying the Jaguar out for a week was to try out the way cool multi-function computer system. The Jag XK’s in-dash computer screen is actually the most pleasing we have ever seen. The soft color palette for the touch-screen navigation, audio, climate, Bluetooth and overall system is thoroughly modern, yet classic at the same time.

In fact, this is what the new Jaguar XK has brought to the table in both the car itself and the new brand marketing campaign: timeless beauty, classic style and modern luxury appeal.

Here’s some notes from the male and senior perspectives:

“Is this the new Jag, man?”

Never before has my attention seeking-always-needing-to-be-stroked alter ego been fed so abundantly, as when I roared the 4.2-liter DOHC, 32-valve, V8 engine of the new Jaguar XK Coupe. The opening question startled me a bit as I sat in the newly designed, sleek liquid silver Jag with an ivory/slate interior. This was one of my favorite occasions. I had driven the James Bond-looking Jag, with it’s tailored aero-dynamic front end that tapers around the vehicle to the end where it raises slightly over the tires, from my home in Orange County to the heavenly gates of Universal Studios.

However, I was not there to see the theme park. I was on the lot in my capacity as a working actor. My traditional 55-mile drive through Southern California’s maze of freeways had taken on special meaning because I had earned a role in the new film “Evan Almighty” (and a 7 a.m. call time to go with it.). The only good thing about the early call time was that there was no traffic to contend with on the morning commute. I really opened up the acceleration on the wide-open freeways. So when I say the engine roared, I mean it! I nicknamed the thing “Mufasa,” because I was reminded of the king of the jungle from the Lion King movie every time I floored the beast! I pumped the gas a little while waiting to gain entry to the Universal Studios lot. (I couldn’t help it.). That prompted the guard to come over and stick his head in. “Is that the new Jag man?” “Yes, sir, it is,” was all I replied. The guard oohed and awed for a while before finishing with a response appropriate for the guy code. “Go head on, brother,” he said. There was no hating here. The man was just paying respect to the Jag, and its driver. Enough said. – Derick Alexander

Most people don’t expect a minister to drive up to church in a Jag, much less the 2007 Jaguar XK Coupe, the most luxurious top-of-the-line Jaguar with a price tag of more than $75,000. I heard a senior male parishioner calling to me, “Hey, Rev. What’s that you’re driving?” Envy dripped off his tongue. “It’s the new Jaguar. Want to see it?” After showing him all the accoutrements, he was thoroughly impressed, and even more so when I grabbed the beautiful silver shift knob, dropped it into drive and let him feel the 32-valve, V-8 engine open up on the freeway. It was a trip he (and I) will never forget!

If you’re a senior who loves “living the high life,” the Jaguar XK is a vehicle made for the demanding luxury aficionado. From the side window screens to halt those nasty cancer-ridden rays to the heated wood steering wheel that keeps your fingers warm and toasty, to the feel of lamb wool rugs under your feet, the Jaguar XK is like a visit to a spa in Fiji — it pampers every inch of your body and soul.

And like the failry tale “Cinderella”, the sleek silver Jag with its push ivory interior was transformed back into my little red 1999 Honda. But I’m still waiting for my senior prince to ride up in his Jaguar XK Coupe and whisk me off to his castle in Newport Beach because one ride in this car and you’ll never want to return to your Honda hovel with cheap vinyl seats and four little overworked horses instead of twelve high-powered stags. – Rev. Joanne Tucker

Supporting Documentation Required for the I-485 Immigration Form

Supporting Documentation Required for the I-485 Immigration FormWhen you are ready to file Form I-485, you must be sure to provide all the necessary supporting documentation along with the $930 fee. If you fail to do so, your application will be delayed and it could be denied. The I-485 is filed for the Adjustment of Status of non-immigrants, or the registration of Permanent Residence. But for the purposes of this article, we will look at the supporting documentation required if you acquired your status as a K-1 Fiancé(e) Visa applicant and you married your US citizen spouse within 90 days of arrival in the United States.

  1.  Vaccination Record

Unlike some other applicants who must submit their full medical examination report to USCIS, immigrants who arrived on a K-1 Fiancé(e) Visa will not need to submit the entire report, as they will have already received a full medical examination prior to their arrival in the country. Just send in a copy of the vaccination record and make sure that all of your vaccinations are up to date.

  1.  Birth Certificate

Do not send in your original birth certificate. Just send in a photocopy or evidence of birth if you were adopted or are unable to provide a copy of your original birth certificate.

  1.  Passport Page Containing Visa

When filing Form I-485, you must provide a clear photocopy of your passport page that contains your visa. The visa must be clearly visible with the date of issue and other relevant biometric information visible.

  1.  Recent Photographs

Unlike previous photo requirements, current policy states that the two colour photographs that were taken within the last 30 days must show a full frontal view of the face and have a white or off white background. Headdresses may be worn if they are for religious or cultural reasons. Otherwise, hats, scarves and other headdresses should not be worn. On the back of one of the photos, lightly write down your name and Alien File Receipt Number.

  1.  Biometrics

As part of the I-485 application, immigrants who are 14-79 must submit to fingerprints after they have submitted this form. USCIS will inform immigrants of where to go to be fingerprinted. However, in some exceptional circumstances, such as when an immigrant is living outside the country, they may be allowed to be fingerprinted in a local service centre and to then post the fingerprints to a USCIS service centre in America.

It is very important for immigrants getting ready to file Form I-485 to read through all 9 pages of information relating to this form and to re-read it if they need to clarify any points. But if there is still some lingering confusion, call the USCIS National Customer Service Centre at 1-800-375-5283 or go to www.uscis.gov for further instructions.

CDL Driving Job: Benefits of Choosing Being a Truck Driver as a Profession, CDL Hazmat Practice Test

CDL Driving Job: Benefits of Choosing Being a Truck Driver as a Profession, CDL Hazmat Practice Test

When it comes to choosing a career, only a few individuals consider finding a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) Driving job. Although a lot of individuals may think that being a commercial truck driver is not a decent career, then end up finding other means of living. What most people do not know is the simple fact that a CDL Driving job offers a lot of benefits to those who want to pursue this career.

Listed below are just some of the advantages of choosing CDL driving job as a career.


First and foremost, when it comes to salary, being a commercial truck driver is definitely promising. Due to the high demand of these drivers not just in the United States of America but even all over the world, you can expect that the salary is much higher compared to other types of jobs. Being a licensed commercial truck driver requires training and skills, but once you decide to start pursuing this career, you are guaranteed to be financially stable. Because only a few individuals start to pursue this kind of career, customers and even large companies are willing to pay for licensed truck drivers to help them out with all of their needs.

Aside from a huge salary offered, finding a CDL driving job allows you to travel to different cities and countries. Mainly, the nature of your work is to go and drive to different cities and even get the chance to explore other countries at the same time. If you are looking for a job that will enable you to visit other destinations and travel, considering being a truck driver is a great idea. Also, you may invite your spouse as your tandem and get to enjoy visiting the different cities and explore the most beautiful sights while working at the same time.

Although it has already been a given fact that entering CDL driving job may require some of your time during work, you can still get the chance to handle your own time and have a more flexible time schedule. As a matter of fact, some trucking companies will allow you to bring in your favorite pet while at work, and even get the chance to set your own break times, decide whether you want to stop working and when to resume your work.

If you are already satisfied and want to find a CDL driving job and take it as a career, there are some important things that you should consider. First and foremost, you have to be positively sure that being a truck driver isn’t meant for everyone – there are simply some people who do not have what it takes to become a truck driver, and there are some people who are naturally skilled when it comes to this profession. Before deciding entering this particular career, you have to be positively sure about what you are about to enter.
Finding the right CDL driving Job Company or contractor is one of the first things that you must look for when pursuing this career – start having an interesting ad adventurous job, handle your time, and get the chance to explore different places by being trained to enter this profession.

Translate From Hebrew To English

Translate From Hebrew To English

Businessmen and women who need to translate from Hebrew to English often either have to become fluent in both languages or hire the help of a professional translator. Though outsourced translation teams may be suitable for some applications, such as translating books, long articles, or localizing software, they are often too costly and time-consuming for less demanding ventures. Recently, software that can translate from Hebrew to English has matured into a reliable business tool that is applicable for a number of different uses.

In the past, translation software may have been too unreliable for many business purposes. Though foreign language database and processing programs can generally handle tasks such as word searches and, occasionally, pronunciation instruction, the difficulties inherent in translating complex sentences and idioms have prevented them from becoming widely used language solutions. Other grammar idiosyncrasies and colloquialisms were equally challenging for past translation programs.

Methods to Help Programs Translate from Hebrew to English

Current programs utilize techniques that allow them to bypass many of those problems and translate from Hebrew to English with a much higher degree of success. One common solution is for computer-assisted translation programs to break up sentences by phrase, where applicable. By doing so, the program can search through numerous glossaries, including phrase and idiom glossaries, to find the appropriate translations for common figures of speech.

In order to have the highest possible success rate, some programs are also designed to use the skills of the user when processing language. They may frequently produce a dialog box, asking the user to select the most appropriate translation from a number of options. In many cases, the program may also produce cross-translations (back into the source language), so that users can more clearly see the meaning of the target language phrases.

Truck Driving Jobs, Trucking Job, CDL Driving Jobs, CDL Hazmat Practice Test

Truck Driving Jobs, Trucking Job, CDL Driving Jobs, CDL Hazmat Practice Test

With the American economy depending more and more on transportation of merchandise, truck service has become a very integral part of its trade and industry scenario. With this there has also been a steady rise in the requirement of qualified and trained truck drivers who form the backbone of the industry. This is why trucking jobs are considered to be one of the best among the top rated jobs in the job market now, which offer good money along with attractive benefits and perks.

Driving trucks can be physically demanding but if you are careful and cautious about the road regulations and safety, it can turn out to be one of the most pleasurable and thrilling experiences of your lifetime. Overcoming the challenges on the road and driving across many destinations, brings you in touch with a wide number of people, interacting with whom can enrich your outlook and prospects. If you have got the capacity to work hard, then this is what you are looking for.


Trucking jobs are not only flexible and swift in nature, but also come with the promise of a fat paycheck and good incentive. All across the US, skilled heavy vehicle drivers are being able to get more and more high paying trucking jobs that wrap up excellent remuneration, more family time and the best benefits in a single package. If you are really good at it, trucking companies are ready to go an extra mile and offer you the most lucrative benefits or an on-job training which can secure your future in this industry. Some of the best benefits are listed for you-

. Signing incentives

. All expense paid vacations

. Excellent Retirement Plans

. Comprehensive Health Benefits

If these sound attractive to you, just step into a trucking job portal, fill out the online application page and start receiving good offers from nationwide truckers. These sites are so helpful, that every name in the list is always appended by helpful information about the company, its stand in the industry and its reliability.

Trucking jobs are acclaimed to be the best ones in the job market these days. It is easier to apply now, as you simply need to click and register for the purpose. Excellent job packages are being offered by nationwide employers which makes getting behind the wheels of a truck a promising career scope.


Benefits and Challenges of Hydrogen Economy

Benefits and Challenges of Hydrogen Economy

Hydrogen economy refers to the infrastructure in which society’s energy needs are fulfilled by using hydrogen fuel. The current economy is based on use of fossil fuels for meeting energy requirements and is called fossil fuel economy. Fossil fuels have been the main energy providers for several centuries. However, there are some grave issues linked with fossil fuel economy.

A successful shift towards hydrogen economy promises solutions to most of these problems.

Benefits of Hydrogen Economy

Fossil fuels such as gasoline, diesel and coal are used for power generation in industrial units as well as automobiles. If the supply of these fossil fuels comes to a halt, there would be serious repercussions on current human society. Power generation and industrial production will stop. People would not be able to commute to their workplaces. In this way, the whole of modern society runs the risk of coming to a halt.

This indicates that all of us along with our living styles are dependent on fossil fuels. Large natural reserves of these fossil fuels are restricted to certain countries of the world. If these countries decide to raise the prices of fossil fuels, they can be a position to dictate the global economy.

Hydrogen economy offers a potential solution to the problem of oil dependence. Hydrogen can be produced by using methods that can be practiced in any part of the world. People can even generate hydrogen in their homes by simple techniques using electricity and water.


Burning of fossil fuels results in emissions of obnoxious chemicals such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and unburnt hydrocarbons. Cars and factories are a major source of these pollutants. Theses hazardous pollutants cause significant damage to the environment we breathe in causing asthma and various other lung and cardiovascular diseases.

Hydrogen is environment friendly as it is carbon free. Its use in cars or industrial units does not add any obnoxious pollutants to the environment. The only bye product of hydrogen burning is water which is not hazardous for environment.

Another damaging aspect of oil fuels is associated with incidents such as oil spills, pipeline explosions and oil well fires. A recent example is the BP deepwater rig disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. This and many such incidents devastate the marine habitats of both animals and plants. With the advent of hydrogen economy, these pains will be eliminated as hydrogen generation does not involve any such exploration activities.

Fossil fuels combustion also generates carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gases are those gases that are believed to be causing greenhouse effect; a phenomenon causing abrupt global climatic changes. As a consequence of these climatic changes, the intensity of our whether is increasing. A typical example is sudden melting of glaciers due to temperature rise resulting in floods. Hydrogen fuel relieves this pain as well since its use does not leave any carbon footprint.

Challenges of Hydrogen Economy

Hydrogen economy promises remedies to the problems associated with fossil fuel economy. Nonetheless, its implementation across the globe is not an easy task. There are some hurdles that need to be surpassed before we can reap its benefits.

Hydrogen is not available in independent form and has to be separated from its parent compounds in order to get it in a useable form. The methods currently employed for hydrogen generation are unsafe, expensive and inefficient. Hydrogen economy cannot flourish unless we find a way to create cheap hydrogen.

Another major challenge associated with the implementation of hydrogen economy is its storage and transportation. The inherent low energy density of hydrogen makes it difficult to store as a liquid or a compressed gas. Extensive research is required in the areas of hydrogen storage and transportation to make hydrogen economy a viable replacement to current fossil fuel economy.

The safety concerns liked with hydrogen use also need attention. Additional safety controls need to be designed in order to avoid any unpleasant incidents caused by hydrogen usage. The image of hydrogen as safe fuel has to be portrayed so that its consumer acceptability is enhanced.

A hydrogen based economy can remedy the problems connected with fossil fuel economy. Hydrogen can emancipate us from dependence on oil rich countries. It can reduce air pollution and global warming. It can eliminate the damage caused to biological habitats caused by human activities and incidents. But all these benefits are contingent upon our ability to generate, store and transport cheap hydrogen in a safe and efficient manner.