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Mysteries Spotlight Stock Car Racing and Fans: Jim Overturf and Jim and Joyce Lavene Focus on Murder at the Track

Mysteries Spotlight Stock Car Racing and Fans: Jim Overturf and Jim and Joyce Lavene Focus on Murder at the Track

Mystery lovers can find subgenres devoted to everything from colonial historical fiction to modern crime fiction. One subgenre with promise is the car racing murder mystery series set in the real-life small world of racing.

Two Series Focus on Stock Car Racing in the United States

With millions of fans for both Nascar and mysteries, author Jim Overturf and husband-wife writing team Jim Lavene and Joyce Lavene share their own passion for racing and writing to give stock car racing fans an off-track fix.

Jim Overturf and the Kurt Maxxon Mystery Series

Jim Overturf creates a comprehensive racing world with experienced driver Kurt Maxxon as his curious hero and a complementary team both on the track and off. Kurt’s driving and generous personality earns him devoted fans and friends in each city on his racing circuit.

Kurt’s friend Christine and exuberant puppy Beau give Kurt stability while he travels, and provide extra help when he inadvertently falls into murder investigations.

Mystery Series Centers in American Midwest

The Kurt Maxxon series includes Masonville, centered in Iowa, and Kings Rapids, which is set in Nebraska. Maxxon’s racing circuit is the fictional Swift River Valley Stock Car Racing Association.


Maxxon fans can find detailed information on the Kurt Maxxon Racing Team and his beloved Ford Taurus, Nikki, on the Maxxon website. Typical of Overturf’s attention to detail regarding racing, Nikki has her own webpage with stats, build and other racing information.

Jim Lavene and Joyce Lavene

Jim Lavene and Joyce Lavene write several series including the Renaissance Faire mystery series but use their passion for stock car racing to plot and populate their Stockcar Racing Mystery series.

While the Kurt Maxxon series shares the race car driver’s point of view, the Stockcar Racing Mysteries capitalize on the eagle-eyes of two enthusiastic followers of the sport.

Glad and Ruby Wysznewski Follow Circuit in RV

Racing fans Ruby and Glad Wysznewski travel in their RV to catch the races and follow their favorite drivers. Since Glad retired from his job as a homicide detective, he finds his professional insight helpful when Ruby and Glad stumble upon murders involving racing.

Focusing on the Superspeedway Circuit in the eastern part of the country, the first book, Swapping Paint, finds a rookie driver dead in his racecar. Hooked Up, the second in the series, takes place in Dover, Delaware, at the Monster Mile, Delaware International Speedway.

Racing Mysteries Offer Fun Escape


These racing mysteries will please racing fans while priming them for the next big race.

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