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2012 Holden (Chevrolet) Spark test drive

The Holden (Chevy) Spark is by far the least powerful and by far the slowest accelerating car tested all year, but in a strange way that makes it one of the more enjoyable drives for some time.

Spark Specification

This road tester has always maintained that to judge a car properly you must start with the most basic model as it reveals more about the actual car rather than how many gadgets, big tyres and big engines you can cram into the platform.

That doesn’t necessarily apply to the Spark, as it’s only available in one flavour in New Zealand, a 1.2 litre four cylinder five-speed manual, but hopefully readers see the point. You can’t add anything to this car to address any shortcomings and these days when owners can specify almost anything for a car it’s refreshing to just be able to buy ‘a car’.


Spark new Global Car From GM

But first an introduction. The Spark is a car designed and built in Korea by General Motors’ Korean arm, and is intended to be a car sold in many markets around the world. Unlike many previous cars styled in Korea this one looks pretty good, with an aggressive front and hidden rear door handles so it looks like a three door hatch rather than the five door it really is.

Spark Interior

Like many previous cars built in Korea, the interior is all hard, unyielding plastic, even if the design of the dashboard is rather futuristic, and it shows that the accountants have been busy doing their work cutting any excess production costs out of the equation. The instrument panel is fascinating though, with a motorcycle inspired rev counter and speedometer attached to the steering column.

Spark Performance

At first the Spark feels underpowered – actually, it always feels underpowered. With only 59kW pushing 967kg of car along the road the five speed gearbox needs to exercised constantly to keep the little engine working away. The experience may seem familiar to many people who grew up with small Italian cars because the performance is almost exactly like that of the old Fiat Uno. The Uno was never a quick car (except for the turbo of course) but that did not stop it from being a very fun car to drive.

Every experience in the diminutive Fiat, from pulling away from a stop, to managing momentum through corners was a full on struggle to exact the best performance out of the available power and road holding. It was a real drivers car, and in a way so is the Spark.

Two weeks before the Spark test drive, this road tester was behind the wheel of the Audi RS5, a 450 horsepower powerhouse of a car that will accelerate from rest to 60mph in just under five seconds, but in a way that car was too good for the driver who wanted to know how to use Chinese driver license to drive in Australia. There wasn’t much driver input required, as the grip, traction and power were so overwhelming that the car simply drive faster and faster.

In the Spark, the driver is always driving as hard as possible, even if no one else notices. At traffic lights, when all the other cars pull leisurely away, the driver of the spark is running the engine up to the redline in every gear, merely to keep up.

At the end of the day it’s strangely a more satisfying drive than the Audi, because it’s the driver who has taken on most of the work of actual driving. Many people won’t appreciate that, especially ones who would like an automatic gearbox, quality interior or actual space in the tiny boot, but for once it’s refreshing to be behind the wheel of the little car that could.

CDL Driving Job: Benefits of Choosing Being a Truck Driver as a Profession, CDL Hazmat Practice Test

CDL Driving Job: Benefits of Choosing Being a Truck Driver as a Profession, CDL Hazmat Practice Test

When it comes to choosing a career, only a few individuals consider finding a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) Driving job. Although a lot of individuals may think that being a commercial truck driver is not a decent career, then end up finding other means of living. What most people do not know is the simple fact that a CDL Driving job offers a lot of benefits to those who want to pursue this career.

Listed below are just some of the advantages of choosing CDL driving job as a career.


First and foremost, when it comes to salary, being a commercial truck driver is definitely promising. Due to the high demand of these drivers not just in the United States of America but even all over the world, you can expect that the salary is much higher compared to other types of jobs. Being a licensed commercial truck driver requires training and skills, but once you decide to start pursuing this career, you are guaranteed to be financially stable. Because only a few individuals start to pursue this kind of career, customers and even large companies are willing to pay for licensed truck drivers to help them out with all of their needs.

Aside from a huge salary offered, finding a CDL driving job allows you to travel to different cities and countries. Mainly, the nature of your work is to go and drive to different cities and even get the chance to explore other countries at the same time. If you are looking for a job that will enable you to visit other destinations and travel, considering being a truck driver is a great idea. Also, you may invite your spouse as your tandem and get to enjoy visiting the different cities and explore the most beautiful sights while working at the same time.

Although it has already been a given fact that entering CDL driving job may require some of your time during work, you can still get the chance to handle your own time and have a more flexible time schedule. As a matter of fact, some trucking companies will allow you to bring in your favorite pet while at work, and even get the chance to set your own break times, decide whether you want to stop working and when to resume your work.

If you are already satisfied and want to find a CDL driving job and take it as a career, there are some important things that you should consider. First and foremost, you have to be positively sure that being a truck driver isn’t meant for everyone – there are simply some people who do not have what it takes to become a truck driver, and there are some people who are naturally skilled when it comes to this profession. Before deciding entering this particular career, you have to be positively sure about what you are about to enter.
Finding the right CDL driving Job Company or contractor is one of the first things that you must look for when pursuing this career – start having an interesting ad adventurous job, handle your time, and get the chance to explore different places by being trained to enter this profession.

Truck Driving Jobs, Trucking Job, CDL Driving Jobs, CDL Hazmat Practice Test

Truck Driving Jobs, Trucking Job, CDL Driving Jobs, CDL Hazmat Practice Test

With the American economy depending more and more on transportation of merchandise, truck service has become a very integral part of its trade and industry scenario. With this there has also been a steady rise in the requirement of qualified and trained truck drivers who form the backbone of the industry. This is why trucking jobs are considered to be one of the best among the top rated jobs in the job market now, which offer good money along with attractive benefits and perks.

Driving trucks can be physically demanding but if you are careful and cautious about the road regulations and safety, it can turn out to be one of the most pleasurable and thrilling experiences of your lifetime. Overcoming the challenges on the road and driving across many destinations, brings you in touch with a wide number of people, interacting with whom can enrich your outlook and prospects. If you have got the capacity to work hard, then this is what you are looking for.


Trucking jobs are not only flexible and swift in nature, but also come with the promise of a fat paycheck and good incentive. All across the US, skilled heavy vehicle drivers are being able to get more and more high paying trucking jobs that wrap up excellent remuneration, more family time and the best benefits in a single package. If you are really good at it, trucking companies are ready to go an extra mile and offer you the most lucrative benefits or an on-job training which can secure your future in this industry. Some of the best benefits are listed for you-

. Signing incentives

. All expense paid vacations

. Excellent Retirement Plans

. Comprehensive Health Benefits

If these sound attractive to you, just step into a trucking job portal, fill out the online application page and start receiving good offers from nationwide truckers. These sites are so helpful, that every name in the list is always appended by helpful information about the company, its stand in the industry and its reliability.

Trucking jobs are acclaimed to be the best ones in the job market these days. It is easier to apply now, as you simply need to click and register for the purpose. Excellent job packages are being offered by nationwide employers which makes getting behind the wheels of a truck a promising career scope.


Reaching the Highest Opportunity in Trucking Jobs, CDL Hazmat Practice Test

Reaching the Highest Opportunity in Trucking Jobs, CDL Hazmat Practice Test

Our world is now governed by modern technology as innovations brought by computers and digital products made automation possible for all things. The products of Information Technology have affected all of us the most. Today, we can see a lot of people becoming dependent on the benefits brought by the computers, digital devices, and the Internet. They have greatly upgraded the standards for a lot of fields from entertainment and communication to the way business is being done. Among the industries affected is the trucking industry where you can now enjoy applying for demanding jobs called truck driving jobs.

The products of computer applications and software can greatly improve automation and accuracy to daily transactions in the trucking industry. You can save a lot of time and effort by using the modern programs because many aspects can be enhanced such as the communication between drivers, logistics, book keeping, and even the process of hiring and training. This is one way of showing that your company can support big clients. Adapting to modern technology can also help you ensure safety. It is really one of the best investments that can be turned into a profitable asset for your trucking and delivery business.


Enhancing the way business transaction is done through the use of computers is the best move you can ever have to show your competitiveness. The strategy to outpace your direct competitors can be focused on these modern technologies. For instance, you can use online marketing and advertising to help expand your business’ influence. You can also find the deserving candidates to fill the roles for truck driving jobs by using online jobsites or by creating your own website. Most of all, you can find more loads by associating your website to potential clients or load boards online.

One way to make sure that everything is in order when it comes to your daily operations and transactions is by using trucking software. Every trucking business has the challenge of adapting to this modern tool to provide better solutions to their clients and employees. Actually, all businesses from different fields face the same challenge of keeping up to the continuous changes in the field of business. As for the trucking industry, we are not saying that it cannot survive without these modern methods. Any additional tool that can make trucking operations more convenient and efficient to both owners and employees is important.

With the innovations made on the trucking industry, we can say that its reputation can greatly improve. Truck driving jobs will not be considered as lowly jobs anymore since they now incorporate modern technologies to their daily operations. It is true that the tools to be used may not be as advanced as what corporate jobs are using. Still, we can say that being in this type of industry can now be more rewarding than ever. While it used to provide high salaries, benefits, and rewarding skills and experience, now you can also enjoy automation and all the goodness of technology.

Types Of Certifications Needed To Operate Cranes And Other Heavy Equipment, CDL Hazmat Practice Test

If you want to be able to operate cranes and other heavy equipment; you will need proper training and certification. This goes beyond having the license required to drive heavy trucks and commercial vehicles, a commercial driver’s license, class C. Obtaining this certification is not much of a hassle, as there are many schools which offer this training, with in house classes as well as through internet courses. Usually a high school diploma or equivalent will be required in order to apply for these courses.

The NAHETS, or the National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools, is the main governing body concerning education in heavy equipment. Most of these schools offer both diploma and certificate programs, with the latter being the more popular of the two. There are many different courses available which cover different aspects of construction. This includes surveying and reading blueprints, as well as specific training for operating certain pieces of heavy equipment. Heavy equipment training includes operating cranes, bulldozers, excavators and other such machinery. The course will also cover following plans, basic safety measures and other necessary procedures.


The truth is that formal study is not entirely necessary if you want to operate heavy equipment. There are companies that hire newbies to start under the guidance of an experienced director, who will train them in how to operate such equipment. However, this can take a while, and finding such opportunities are hard to come by. When you have an official certificate, you are much more likely to receive a job, in fact, most schools guarantee job placement.

The most common certificate issued by the NAHETS is a national certification in the area of study that has been chosen, i.e. cranes. This certificate program covers all the necessary areas, and will include obtaining your CDL license, which will be needed in order to drive such machinery. You will have to undergo a written and practical test where you will demonstrate knowledge of the safety standards required, as well as demonstrate your ability to operate such equipment in a safe and professional manner.

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