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Types Of Certifications Needed To Operate Cranes And Other Heavy Equipment, CDL Hazmat Practice Test

If you want to be able to operate cranes and other heavy equipment; you will need proper training and certification. This goes beyond having the license required to drive heavy trucks and commercial vehicles, a commercial driver’s license, class C. Obtaining this certification is not much of a hassle, as there are many schools which offer this training, with in house classes as well as through internet courses. Usually a high school diploma or equivalent will be required in order to apply for these courses.

The NAHETS, or the National Association of Heavy Equipment Training Schools, is the main governing body concerning education in heavy equipment. Most of these schools offer both diploma and certificate programs, with the latter being the more popular of the two. There are many different courses available which cover different aspects of construction. This includes surveying and reading blueprints, as well as specific training for operating certain pieces of heavy equipment. Heavy equipment training includes operating cranes, bulldozers, excavators and other such machinery. The course will also cover following plans, basic safety measures and other necessary procedures.


The truth is that formal study is not entirely necessary if you want to operate heavy equipment. There are companies that hire newbies to start under the guidance of an experienced director, who will train them in how to operate such equipment. However, this can take a while, and finding such opportunities are hard to come by. When you have an official certificate, you are much more likely to receive a job, in fact, most schools guarantee job placement.

The most common certificate issued by the NAHETS is a national certification in the area of study that has been chosen, i.e. cranes. This certificate program covers all the necessary areas, and will include obtaining your CDL license, which will be needed in order to drive such machinery. You will have to undergo a written and practical test where you will demonstrate knowledge of the safety standards required, as well as demonstrate your ability to operate such equipment in a safe and professional manner.

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