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How to Avoid Unnecessary US Immigration Form Fees

How to Avoid Unnecessary US Immigration Form FeesUS Immigration form fees have increased dramatically in recent years, in some cases tripling in price from what they were just a short time ago. Avoid unnecessary US immigration form fees by correctly filing the right forms.

Avoid Delays and Denials

New immigrants in America will be expected to file the correct immigration forms with their petition to become Permanent Residents along with the correct fees. Failure to file according to USCIS directives will delay petitions and can even result in the denial of benefits. Knowledge of the ever changing US immigration laws is important and can save you a lot of money, time and effort if you keep up to date with the law and how it affects you personally as a legal immigrant.

Helpful Resources

Fortunately, new immigrants are not left to fend for themselves through the maze that is US immigration. The first port of call should be the official USCIS website, which can be found by clicking here For your own records, you should also take note of the USCIS National Customer Service Centre number. Call toll-free at 1-800-375-5283 during usual office hours to speak with a qualified immigration official who will be on hand to answer any of your questions before you download or request an immigration form that is not relevant to your particular situation. Immigration laws can change very quickly, so make sure before you file a form, that you check to see if there is an updated form with a revised (usually higher) fee.

Is that Form Really Necessary?

For example, if you plan on spending more than 12 months living outside America after being granted Permanent Resident status, how will that affect your right to return to America? In many cases, moving abroad will mean relinquishing your right of abode in America unless you first obtain a travel document that allows you to live abroad. But before you apply for a travel document, research the USCIS website or call the USCIS National Customer Service Centre to speak with a live representative to find out if you are required to file for one. Not all immigrants planning on moving abroad for more than 12 months require a travel document, such as those who are moving abroad due to official military or civilian contractor orders. But unless you find out for sure, you could end up spending money on an unnecessary travel document. Once you have done so, USCIS will not refund the money you spent unnecessarily.

Immigrants can do a great deal to help themselves to avoid paying unnecessary form fees, delays and the denial of benefits if they take the time to find out exactly what is required of them and if a particular form is actually necessary. The USCIS website and the USCIS National Customer Service Centre are the two best resources available for immigrants with the most up to date information.

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