A Ford F-250 & A Toyota Corolla: A 2000 Ford F-250 & A 2001 Toyota Corolla

A Ford F-250 & A Toyota Corolla: A 2000 Ford F-250 & A 2001 Toyota Corolla

Question: Ford F-250 Fuel Pressure

I am interested to know the fuel pressure for a 2000 Ford F-250, 5.4 liter truck. Please advise.


Answer: The Key ON Engine OFF (KOEO) specification is 30-45 psi.

Question: Toyota Corolla Starting Problem?

Hey, My mother has a 2001 Toyota Corolla, and when she turns the key to start the car, there is a little hesitation before it starts. It doesn’t happen all the time, but she’s afraid it totally won’t start one time. I checked her battery, and it looks like the original Delphi that came with the car. What do you think it is?

Thank you,


Answer: It depends on how you define “hesitation”. If the engine cranks slowly then I would definetly suggest a battery and charging system check. If it’s the original battery it’s just about due for a replacement.

Bible Translation

Bible Translation

The most popular and traditional Bible translation is the King James Version of the Bible. However, many people find that this archaic language used in the King James Version presents an impediment to understanding. Because of this, you might look into other forms of Bible translation that can help you fully understand the text you read.

Bible Translation Services and Tools

In fact, there are some excellent online tools that can help you facilitate your understanding of the Bible. From tools that will allow you to read any given passage in a variety of translations to quick word literal translations, you can find the knowledge that you need. For those who would like to benefit from this knowledge, many tools are available in software or online service form for a nominal price.

Best of all, for those who desire a fuller level of Bible translation, there are tools to help you glean information from the original tongues. Using linguistic and historical information, these tools help you glean knowledge from the original languages in which the Bible was written. Best of all, you don’t have to be an expert in Greek, Aramaic, or Hebrew in order to benefit fully from these tools.

If you’re looking for a tool to help you with your understanding or Bible translation, look online. There are many wonderful services available for both the new and mature Christian. These tools can prove indispensable as you begin to thirst for greater knowledge of the Word of God.

Braille Translation

Braille Translation

Braille translation involves the conversion of information into the braille writing system. This is accomplished by skilled professional transcriptionists, some of whom utilize a combination of computer software and their own powers of translation. (While the software is a powerful tool, the texts must then be refined further by the transcriptionist.)

When a blind person runs his or her fingers across the cells in a braille translation, he or she is able to grasp every nuance of the original information. Aside from basic braille books, there are also braille textbooks, maps, magazines, newspapers, music scores, and more, that allow the visually impaired population to access information of all kinds. Complex mathematical and scientific graphs can be converted using braille translation that helps the blind person to understand such complex formulas.

Having Braille Translation Done

There are many professionals in the business of developing and bringing accessibility to the visually impaired population. Some companies provide braille translation–the conversion of documents into the braille system, while others create audio texts or other alternate formate documents, such as large-print books. Electronic formats of traditional documents also are in high demand–these are designed to communicate a wide range of information to the print-disabled.

Companies often look for ways to provide reasonable accommodation to their employees. Professional braille translation services provide a wide range of options for clients both corporate and private.

Enforce Our Immigration Laws – What Immigrants Should Have to Do to Join Our Country

Enforce Our Immigration Laws - What Immigrants Should Have to Do to Join Our CountryFor many, many years now people have been coming to the USA to gain freedom and start a life. There have been laws set in place stating how to go about becoming a member of this society. Yet people choose not to follow them. Yes there are many people that go threw the ropes and follows the rules and earn their way into America and still there are many that feel they should get to do it how ever they want. Hey forget the rules right? I mean who are we to tell them what they can and can’t do in our country. Key word there is OUR country. Yes we have no problem welcoming immigrants into our country if they do it the right way. We shouldn’t have to just lie down and let them do what ever it is that they want to to. This isn’t their country until they earn their keep. But for some reason we are letting them get away with doing what ever they please. There shouldn’t even be a fight going on about giving the ILLEGAL immigrants money and American rights. I mean lets be honest, they didn’t even have to decency or respect for our country in the first place to get here by the rules. They just disrespected and broke our rules and now think we should give them money, benefits and rights. This isn’t right. Ya! OK! Lets reward them for breaking our laws and punish our own, who where born here, that do the same. Something is wrong here with this whole picture. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to reward something bad that has been done. Maybe that is just me but I highly doubt that it is. If the government is going to give all the illegal immigrants all of these things then they should make sure that THEIR people, of THEIR country, that were born and raised here, have everything that they need. I don’t see why I should have to give up my ability to have social security that I have paid for when I am older so that some one who is here ILLEGALLY gets to have my benefits that they didn’t pay for.

I am a 22 years old woman who was born and raised here in America. The land of the free and the home of the brave. But I can see now that even though we are free we are not very brave. If we were brave we would be sending every last one of the illegal immigrants back to their home lands. If they wanted to come back they should have to do it the right way. Not going to happen though because we a not brave enough to make it happen. I mean who is going to clean our houses and tend to our farms for so little money? Who is going to do all the little tasks they we don’t want to do for ourselves? Heaven forbid we do them ourselves or hire some one who is here legally because they may charge a little bit more. If we did send them home it wouldn’t be so hard for them to come back on a work permit. They would be legal then. I think that if we made them do that they would if they really wanted to be an American citizen. I think that they should have to learn English if they want to be part of our country because that is the language that we speak. We shouldn’t have to change ours for people coming to our country. That doesn’t seem right. If you want to live in America then learn our language. All immigrants should have to learn to write and speak our language. They should have to follow all the same rules as we do in order to live here. I don’t think we should have to change who we are and how we do things because they want to come here. Just as I would think that if we wanted to move to their countries we would have to do the same. Why do we even have laws if anyone can break them?

I am not a racist, far from it. I think that everyone should have a chance to be an American but only if they do it the right way, not cheat the government. I think that if you so desperately want to be part of something then you should become part of it fully and not half way. What are we telling our children? That it is OK to do things half hearted and not finish what you started. It is OK to not follow the rules and laws that we live by because you can just get away with them later. If we let the immigrants do it then hey, why not our kids. Why don’t we just say screw it all and that in America laws mean nothing unless you were born here. Come one, come all and we don’t care if you care about our laws, do as you please, we will let you. We are setting our country up for failure if we cant even enforce our laws. They came here knowing they were breaking the laws and that they could very well be deported back home. DO IT THEN! Thats what you said you were going to do in the first place and your are our government. If you aren’t going to do it then you damn well better cut the people who are here LEGALLY some slack once in a while or your going to have to deal with hell in the future. This is our country you know and we are not going to just sit here and not have our thoughts taken into consideration. Our ancestors built this country and we work hard every day to make sure it stays the place that it is. With out us legal Americans paying taxes you wouldn’t have a paycheck. With out us you wouldn’t have your military. Without us you wouldn’t have a country to run. Do your jobs and let people know that America is not a push over country and that we do stand by our words. Show the world that we are in charge of our country and that we do follow and live by our rules they we set. Show the world that we are united and that we wont get walked on. Go ahead. Be Brave.

Reaching the Highest Opportunity in Trucking Jobs, CDL Hazmat Practice Test

Reaching the Highest Opportunity in Trucking Jobs, CDL Hazmat Practice Test

Our world is now governed by modern technology as innovations brought by computers and digital products made automation possible for all things. The products of Information Technology have affected all of us the most. Today, we can see a lot of people becoming dependent on the benefits brought by the computers, digital devices, and the Internet. They have greatly upgraded the standards for a lot of fields from entertainment and communication to the way business is being done. Among the industries affected is the trucking industry where you can now enjoy applying for demanding jobs called truck driving jobs.

The products of computer applications and software can greatly improve automation and accuracy to daily transactions in the trucking industry. You can save a lot of time and effort by using the modern programs because many aspects can be enhanced such as the communication between drivers, logistics, book keeping, and even the process of hiring and training. This is one way of showing that your company can support big clients. Adapting to modern technology can also help you ensure safety. It is really one of the best investments that can be turned into a profitable asset for your trucking and delivery business.


Enhancing the way business transaction is done through the use of computers is the best move you can ever have to show your competitiveness. The strategy to outpace your direct competitors can be focused on these modern technologies. For instance, you can use online marketing and advertising to help expand your business’ influence. You can also find the deserving candidates to fill the roles for truck driving jobs by using online jobsites or by creating your own website. Most of all, you can find more loads by associating your website to potential clients or load boards online.

One way to make sure that everything is in order when it comes to your daily operations and transactions is by using trucking software. Every trucking business has the challenge of adapting to this modern tool to provide better solutions to their clients and employees. Actually, all businesses from different fields face the same challenge of keeping up to the continuous changes in the field of business. As for the trucking industry, we are not saying that it cannot survive without these modern methods. Any additional tool that can make trucking operations more convenient and efficient to both owners and employees is important.

With the innovations made on the trucking industry, we can say that its reputation can greatly improve. Truck driving jobs will not be considered as lowly jobs anymore since they now incorporate modern technologies to their daily operations. It is true that the tools to be used may not be as advanced as what corporate jobs are using. Still, we can say that being in this type of industry can now be more rewarding than ever. While it used to provide high salaries, benefits, and rewarding skills and experience, now you can also enjoy automation and all the goodness of technology.

Mysteries Spotlight Stock Car Racing and Fans: Jim Overturf and Jim and Joyce Lavene Focus on Murder at the Track

Mysteries Spotlight Stock Car Racing and Fans: Jim Overturf and Jim and Joyce Lavene Focus on Murder at the Track

Mystery lovers can find subgenres devoted to everything from colonial historical fiction to modern crime fiction. One subgenre with promise is the car racing murder mystery series set in the real-life small world of racing.

Two Series Focus on Stock Car Racing in the United States

With millions of fans for both Nascar and mysteries, author Jim Overturf and husband-wife writing team Jim Lavene and Joyce Lavene share their own passion for racing and writing to give stock car racing fans an off-track fix.

Jim Overturf and the Kurt Maxxon Mystery Series

Jim Overturf creates a comprehensive racing world with experienced driver Kurt Maxxon as his curious hero and a complementary team both on the track and off. Kurt’s driving and generous personality earns him devoted fans and friends in each city on his racing circuit.

Kurt’s friend Christine and exuberant puppy Beau give Kurt stability while he travels, and provide extra help when he inadvertently falls into murder investigations.

Mystery Series Centers in American Midwest

The Kurt Maxxon series includes Masonville, centered in Iowa, and Kings Rapids, which is set in Nebraska. Maxxon’s racing circuit is the fictional Swift River Valley Stock Car Racing Association.


Maxxon fans can find detailed information on the Kurt Maxxon Racing Team and his beloved Ford Taurus, Nikki, on the Maxxon website. Typical of Overturf’s attention to detail regarding racing, Nikki has her own webpage with stats, build and other racing information.

Jim Lavene and Joyce Lavene

Jim Lavene and Joyce Lavene write several series including the Renaissance Faire mystery series but use their passion for stock car racing to plot and populate their Stockcar Racing Mystery series.

While the Kurt Maxxon series shares the race car driver’s point of view, the Stockcar Racing Mysteries capitalize on the eagle-eyes of two enthusiastic followers of the sport.

Glad and Ruby Wysznewski Follow Circuit in RV

Racing fans Ruby and Glad Wysznewski travel in their RV to catch the races and follow their favorite drivers. Since Glad retired from his job as a homicide detective, he finds his professional insight helpful when Ruby and Glad stumble upon murders involving racing.

Focusing on the Superspeedway Circuit in the eastern part of the country, the first book, Swapping Paint, finds a rookie driver dead in his racecar. Hooked Up, the second in the series, takes place in Dover, Delaware, at the Monster Mile, Delaware International Speedway.

Racing Mysteries Offer Fun Escape


These racing mysteries will please racing fans while priming them for the next big race.

Honda has a Potential Prius Killer: 2020 Insight Rivals Toyota for Fuel Economy at a Lower Price

Honda has a Potential Prius Killer: 2020 Insight Rivals Toyota for Fuel Economy at a Lower Price

Honda is introducing the 2020 Insight compact hybrid on April 22, which is Earth Day in the U.S., a day devoted to environmental awareness. The coincidence is by design. Although the official base price hasn’t been set, the Insight is estimated to start at just over $20,000, less than the $22,000 base price of a Prius for a 2019 model.

Insight Catching up with Prius Mileage

The new Insight has been rated at 40 miles-per-gallon in city driving and 43 on the highway by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which brings it closer to the Prius, which is rated at 48 city and 45 highway for a 2019 model. But if the Insight has a more affordable sticker price than the Prius, that could give the Insight an edge in sales.

But if Honda thinks the Insight is going to help it blow past the Prius, the company should look in its rear-view mirror. Toyota’s also launching a newly-redesigned 2020 Prius sometime in the spring that bumps mileage to a reported 50 m.p.g. While pricing for the new Prius also hasn’t been set, it’s likely to be more than a 2019, allowing Honda to keep its price advantage.

Insight’s Entertaining Dashboard

Honda is promoting some interesting design features in the Insight, according to a Honda news release. Its new “Eco Assist” technology includes an “Econ” transmission mode to maximize fuel economy, a speedometer display that changes colors to illustrate the effect of speed, acceleration and braking on mileage and another display that tracks the driver’s overall mileage performance with a series of green leaf icons; the more leaves that appear, the better the mileage.

All that can create a “gee whiz” factor among hybrid buyers and give the Insight the edge over Prius, but the Prius hasn’t sold 1 million models since its debut in 1997 without its own compelling engineering.


New Prius Coming, too

Among the “gee whiz” features of the 2020 Prius is a set of solar panels installed in the car’s moon roof, Toyota explained in a news release. The solar panels power a ventilation system for the passenger compartment without using the car’s gas engine. The ventilation system cools the interior temperature when the car is parked in sunlight, thus reducing the energy needed to run the air conditioner.

Air conditioners are a big drain on gas mileage, potentially cancelling out the effect of hybrids because the A/C usually runs off the engine. Besides improving the efficiency of the A/C on the Prius, Toyota is also adding a remote air conditioning start that runs on battery power alone to begin cooling the interior before the driver returns.

There is an old saying in business that competition makes everybody better and enhances value for the customer. The Insight versus Prius competition should be no exception. Honda hopes to get a sales boost out of the new Insight, but Prius is answering right back with a new, improved model. The new models present more choices for customers, along with the first-ever Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan hybrids also due out this spring.

2011 Holden (Chevrolet) Cruze Series II Review

2011 Holden (Chevrolet) Cruze Series II Review

The first generation Holden Cruze turned out to be quite a popular car, but it was not without its downsides. Interior build and trim quality was not the best, and the diesel engine had so much lag that all the power arrived long after you really needed it. For the Series II Cruze though, Holden engineers have worked hard on the Korean built car to markedly improve the entire product.

Improved Build Quality

The result is a car that is much better put together and which has interior trim and fittings that match the competition, rather than lagging behind. The engineers have also been hard at work on both the suspension and more obviously, the engines. There is now a 1.4 litre turbocharged petrol version and the new 2.0 litre diesel fitted to the car has virtually no lag at all, making it a much better car to drive.


Turbocharged Cruze SRi

The 1.4 litre turbo is rather confusingly labelled SRi, which has been a moniker for the sportier versions of Holden’s small car models, but in practice it really isn’t a performance car. Like Volkswagen, with its small displacement turbocharged engines the idea of the turbo in the Cruze SRi is to provide sufficient power while returning very good fuel economy. Holden quotes 6.4L/100km for the Cruze SRi and that’s not too far from the truth in real world testing.

Awkward Clutch

The SRi tested here is the six-speed manual, which should make it feel rather sporty, but the clutch pedal engages when almost at the end of its upward travel, making smooth gear changing a challenge as the driver has to lift his or her entire leg to let the clutch engage smoothly, rather than just using a more natural foot tilting motion.

The diesel auto, also tested here, would still be the best choice for both economy and performance, as while it’s slower on paper than the SRi, it feels faster thanks to the 360Nm of torque and the quoted 6.7L/100km is only marginally worse than the petrol turbo.

Reworked Suspension

Both cars have benefited from new suspension settings that actually make the cars quite fun to drive, unlike the previous Cruze, which felt stodgy and unresponsive.

So the series II Holden Cruze is a very good improvement on the original, showing that Holden and GM in a larger sense are serious about building high quality small cars rather than just relying on a sharp purchase price to shift lots of metal.

How to Avoid Unnecessary US Immigration Form Fees

How to Avoid Unnecessary US Immigration Form FeesUS Immigration form fees have increased dramatically in recent years, in some cases tripling in price from what they were just a short time ago. Avoid unnecessary US immigration form fees by correctly filing the right forms.

Avoid Delays and Denials

New immigrants in America will be expected to file the correct immigration forms with their petition to become Permanent Residents along with the correct fees. Failure to file according to USCIS directives will delay petitions and can even result in the denial of benefits. Knowledge of the ever changing US immigration laws is important and can save you a lot of money, time and effort if you keep up to date with the law and how it affects you personally as a legal immigrant.

Helpful Resources

Fortunately, new immigrants are not left to fend for themselves through the maze that is US immigration. The first port of call should be the official USCIS website, which can be found by clicking here For your own records, you should also take note of the USCIS National Customer Service Centre number. Call toll-free at 1-800-375-5283 during usual office hours to speak with a qualified immigration official who will be on hand to answer any of your questions before you download or request an immigration form that is not relevant to your particular situation. Immigration laws can change very quickly, so make sure before you file a form, that you check to see if there is an updated form with a revised (usually higher) fee.

Is that Form Really Necessary?

For example, if you plan on spending more than 12 months living outside America after being granted Permanent Resident status, how will that affect your right to return to America? In many cases, moving abroad will mean relinquishing your right of abode in America unless you first obtain a travel document that allows you to live abroad. But before you apply for a travel document, research the USCIS website or call the USCIS National Customer Service Centre to speak with a live representative to find out if you are required to file for one. Not all immigrants planning on moving abroad for more than 12 months require a travel document, such as those who are moving abroad due to official military or civilian contractor orders. But unless you find out for sure, you could end up spending money on an unnecessary travel document. Once you have done so, USCIS will not refund the money you spent unnecessarily.

Immigrants can do a great deal to help themselves to avoid paying unnecessary form fees, delays and the denial of benefits if they take the time to find out exactly what is required of them and if a particular form is actually necessary. The USCIS website and the USCIS National Customer Service Centre are the two best resources available for immigrants with the most up to date information.

Translate From Italian To English

Translate From Italian To English

There are a few basic rules for using machines to translate from Italian to English. These rules not only help the computer program handle the text more efficiently, but they also help the translator gain a better understanding of the source text. A few techniques (especially with computer-assisted translation programs) may also help the translator improve his/her knowledge of the target language during the translation process.

Using Computers to Translate from Italian to English

Most computer applications that translate from Italian to English require some degree of user intervention. A general rule when using machine translation programs is to edit the text before inputting it into the program, altering it to increase the likelihood that the machine will correctly process the text. Usually, this means simplifying the text by removing or altering complex passages or idioms that may not be easily translated by the machine.

Because both the Italian and English languages heavily use idioms and metaphors in both written and spoken speech, many programs that can translate from Italian to English include phrase glossaries and idiom dictionaries. They often are capable of parsing sentences into workable phrases, but may require some user help for intricate ideas and complex passages. It may be a good rule to make a preliminary run through the text and highlight any passages that may be difficult for the computer.

Lastly, users may wish to edit the target text just after it is translated. Some programs help users by providing cross-translations back into the source language, enabling users to gain an understanding of the nuances of the translated material. Other programs produce a list of options of possible translations so that the users can select the translation that is most appropriate to the context of the document.